Take Cannabis on the Go

Find THC vape cartridges in Northampton or Pittsfield, MA

Taking cannabis flowers or pre-rolls with you can be a real hassle. Not only are vape pens easy to grab on your way out the door, but they may also taste better. If you need some more THC vape cartridges, stop by Colonial Cannabis in Northampton or Pittsfield, MA.

You'll find top brands, including:

  • Airo
  • UKU
  • SIRA
  • Select
  • Strane
  • Origyn
  • Entourage
  • The Botanist
  • Happy Valley
  • Revolutionary Clinics
  • Green & Gold Supply Co.

Each product varies in THC and CBD levels. Talk to our staff today to choose a cannabis vape product that meets your needs.

Choose the right type of vape for you

Choose the right type of vape for you

When it comes to finding the right cannabis vape product, you should start by choosing a strain. We carry the following options:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

Visit our store today to learn more about the different strains and THC vape cartridges. Our staff can also answer any questions you may have.